About Me

Greetings and welcome! I am Bryan, your muscle whisperer. I have been a licensed body-worker here in Phoenix Arizona for the last four years: no career path has ever given me greater satisfaction. From the time I was young I was always told that I had a great talent for finding and relieving the muscle tension in my friends and family. I took it upon myself to study this art and get licensed from the Cortiva Institute at Scottsdale.

From Cortiva I discovered massage can be applied not just for relaxation, but for aiding in the healing process in many ailments of the body; I wholeheartedly believe in a holistic approach to healing. Orthopedic massage is where I get some my most fulfillment. I assist in the treatment of a range of conditions. Please contact me for details.

I have a method that symbiotically utilizes both a very logical and detailed problem solving system, as well as strongly defined intuition. I am well versed in common causes for various pain sites and range of motion conditions, however I very much pay attention to those subconscious guides towards reaching your massage goals. You see, when I am on an area, I feel like something in the way the muscle responds, the way it pushes back, guides me with exactly what pressures to use and what angles to go at to open up the tension, trigger point, or what-have-you. From there the tension guides me to the next sequence of spots. I find that this, along with my anatomy knowledge and problem solving work great together, contrary to the popular notion that intuition can never work with logic. When working on an area, I really tune in and listen, as opposed to gliding over a spot quickly with a large range of techniques. No, I listen to the body and do what it tells me to do.